Why Rent a Website

Deciding to Pontikaki can save you time and money! We only have a monthly price for each rental plan. Once the website has been completed, you pay a single monthly fee – that's it. We promise you no hidden fees or random hike in prices. Not only does this keep your costs low, it also allows you to create an effective budget, regulate cash flow and maximise your business capital.

Advantages of using Rent-a-Website for your web design needs:

It's Hassle Free

As we take care of everything for you including all maintenance, updating and upgrading of your website.

Save Money

Our plans are cost-effective, cash flow positive and tax deductible as a business expense.

No Hidden Costs

Our all inclusive pay monthly plans means complete transparency and no hidden charges.

Scalable design

All our website plans are built using a CMS that is scalable so your website can grow as your business grows.

Time Saving

You can focus on what’s more important to you and we'll focus on your website.

Having your website built with Pontikaki couldn't be easier. Choose one of our plans or talk to us about your custom needs for your website.